Why choose us? 

Whether you are an individual householder, struggling to connect to friends and family, or a company that’s missing out on business, or a council with more problems than solutions… you’re probably asking why Broadway Partners?

Specialise in the final 5%

We can reach the places that other networks cannot reach, thanks to our unique combination of technologies.


Other providers’ ‘final 5%’ is their weak spot. But it is our ‘first 5%’, and our sweet spot! In our world, 100% means 100%.

The best of the best!

We specialise in wireless solutions, and the latest technology opens up a universe of

possibilities for fast, efficent and affordable connectivity - both fixed and mobile.


But fibre also plays a key role in delivering the future, and is a perfect complement to wireless. It’s not a case of either/or, but both/and. 


Our pricing is fair and transparent - from just £29.99 per month for some of the best broadband you can have!


And you can avoid paying the £240 connection charge if you qualify for a voucher from the Government.


We are passionate about what we do. Because we think what we do really matters.


Work...Life.... Play.... without decent broadband, you’re at risk of missing out. And nobody should be a second class citizen.


The clue is in our name – we like to team up with whomever we work – communities, companies or public bodies. 


Your problems are our challenges!

We're here to stay 

We’re a grown up company backed by grown up investors, and we will be around for years to come.