You have problems, we have solutions!

What we can do for you...


Connecting the final 5%? It’s what we do!


Shrinking population? Encourage younger people to come and to stay, with some of the best broadband in the country?

Shrinking job market? Good quality broadband is a critical element in any business location decision.


An ageing housing stock with rising maintenance costs? Get it connected!


Schools struggling in the information slow lane? It's time to get them up to speed.


An ageing population, with rising health and care needs? Better connectivity can help.

What you can do for us...


Point us to where your greatest connectivity problems are......we like the difficult stuff.


Help raise public awareness about the solutions available


Let us use council property, sites and assets


And of course, if you can help with funding, we can make it go a l-o-n-g way.


We can help, with practical and affordable solutions. We’re on your

side! Getting in contact to find out more.