Technically, providing quality broadband is pretty straightforward – you just need to have the right tools, which we do. 

What we can do for you... 


Just want to get decent broadband and for someone to take the problem to go away? That’s what we do, every day of the week. We've done it on Arran, around Loch Ness, in Perthshire and in Monmouthshire...and we could do it for you! 30Mbps broadband from just £29.99 per month - it's that easy. Visit our Broadway Broadband site to find out more,


Or do you fancy becoming a Gigabit Community and be the envy of all? Where speeds of 50Mbps, 100Mpbs and even 1GB are no longer an impossible dream. We can do that too. 


The tricky bit is making it viable and sustainable, something that will be serving your needs and those of the community for years to come. And we reckon we have that sorted as well - making the seemingly impossible, possible.  

What you can do for us...


Are you fed up with slow broadband holding you back? Do you want to help create a community network for you, your friends and your neighbours? Great, here's how you can help.


First of all, tell us about your community. If you are organised as a community group, so much the better but, even if not, contact us to register your interest and we’ll get in touch.


Secondly, be part of the network! When you register your interest, tell us you would be willing to be part of the eventual network, by hosting a small aerial on your roof. If we take up your offer, you’ll get your broadband entirely free, for as long as you remain a customer. How’s about that?