Gigabit Communities

The world is waking up to how great, great broadband can be! New developments in technology and regulation mean that communities, rural and not-so-rural, can now have the kind of broadband services that don’t merely catch up with what the majority of people have… but are the envy of the majority! 

Right now, you might be struggling with basic broadband needs, and wondering how you are going to get even a 30Mbps service. Well now you can start thinking about what you might do with 100Mbps - or even 1,000Mbps speeds thanks to our Gigabit Community plan.

How can we do this?


We have expanded our technology toolkit to include higher frequency spectrum and also fibre-to-the-premise. And we’re working with the Government to make sure it’s affordable. You want future-proof? Here it is!

What’s involved? It’s a straightforward process - simple as 1,2,3...


  1. Tell us you’re interested, and we’ll send you an information pack explaining all.
  2. Gather your community around you – householders and businesses - and get them interested.
  3. We’ll do the rest! 


But first, get in touch, by hitting the contact us button and filling in the form