Whether you're a village

or community, a business or a local authority, we

can help!

We’re Broadway Partners, and we are dedicated to ensuring that everybody gets the broadband they need. It is our ambition to provide good, affordable broadband to 100% of the people and businesses wherever we go… because in our world, nobody is a second class citizen!  


We use the most appropriate technology for the job, whether it be fibre-to-the-premises or wireless in its many shapes or forms – where that makes better sense. It’s really not about the technology, but what you do with it! There’s no 'one solution fits all' approach, we use a technology model that works best for the community or the project, ensuring delivery of a high quality, affordable and sustainable broadband service for all. 


Broadway Partners

Our mission is to serve the broadband needs of rural communities, ‘connecting the unconnected’. We are a small company, but working with industry leading partners, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Strathclyde University, Kings College London and others, and we bring the latest technology to deliver a great service, at an affordable price. We have networks across Scotland and Wales, and soon also in England.

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